Zlin Cup 2012

The Czech Apnea Team organized already the fifth year of freediving competition „Zlin CUP 2012“ on Saturday the 27th October 2012.

31 competitors took part in this event. They came mostly from abroad: Poland (10 competitors), Slovakia (6 competitors), Germany (2 competitors), one competitor from Russia, Austria and even from the USA. From the Czech Republic there were 9 competitors. We were pleased with the fact, that for four competitors it was their first international performance and in my opinion they were doing very well.



Due to construction works in the pool in Luhacovice we had to go to the Aquapark Delfin in Uhersky Brod, but their management was very helpful. We could see a lot of outstanding performances which drew up the attention of aquapark guests. The atmosphere in the pool and at the evening closing ceremony in the restaurant Racek was excellent. I would like to thank for their work to all who were involved in the organization.

According to responses of competitors and judges we can evaluate the Zlin CUP 2012 as very successful. The sponsors who provided both finances and prizes for winners were really generous. Thanks to them! We could not organize such an event without them.

We already think about the next year, which will be hopefully also successful.


Jiri Netopil for the Czech Apnea Team


Zlín Cup 2012

Type International (World Record)
Status: Ranking
Disciplines: STA, DNF

Pavlína Procházková (D), Vermeulen Pim (AI), Petr Vala (E), Christian Fötinger (E)

When: 27.10.2012       
Where: Swimming pool Aquapark Delfín,
Slovácké náměstí 2377
688 01 Uherský Brod  
Organization: Czech Apnea Team
Deadline for registration: 17.10.2012