Michal Rišian at Zlín Cup 2012

31.08.2012 14:37


Amongst first registered competitors of this year's Zlin Cup showed up Michal Rišian. We interupted him in his preparations for World Team Championship 2012, and asked him, what does he like about our traditional competition in Zlin.


What do you like about Zlin Cup?

I like this homely and very friendly atmosphere, where no one cares about super good results, but it's about to enjoy the competition with a great group of people and of course the afterparty :)


Do you take part every year?

Yes i do, even the last year, when the competition moved to Luhacovice. It was very nice and I liked the pool very much.


Do you rather take part on these small competitions, or do you prefer those big championships, like it would be now in Nice?

I prefer these smaller ones. It's easier to concentrate on my performance, because of chilled atmosphere and almost none of stress-factors. But those big ones are cool as well, for example the place where they are held.


Is it an imaginary closing of season for you?

Yes, Zlin Cup is always the last competition of the season, so till Zlin Cup I try to pull my best limits and then I just change the "mode" and I start with a week-off, or with a specific nonseason preparation.